Oregon Technical Assistance Map

The maps linked from this page are the result of a survey sent to organizations to determine the current state of technical assistance in our region. The responses were mapped using Kumu software to provide a visual framework for the information. This information was self-identified by the organizations contacted for the survey. A summary of capacity among primary care technical assistance organizations based on survey responses can be found in this PowerPoint slide deck .

If you would like to change your organization's information, or have a suggestion for a tag for any of the mapped projects, please email us. See below for maps, descriptions and limitations. 

Quick Navigation Tutorial

Clicking on most things in Kumu maps will bring up an informational window - click the 'x' in the upper right corner or anywhere else on the map to close this window. You can use the '+' and '-' in the upper corner of each map to zoom in and out as needed. Click, hold and move your mouse in a blank space on the map to move it around within its window. Hovering your mouse over an element on the map will highlight it and any connections it may have. This may result in the map moving or changing - simply move your mouse away and it will return to normal. The maps below may have additional instructions for their specific elements (bold words indicate what to look for/click on).

Clicking on the three bar/Settings icon located mid-screen on the right side of the map will open the settings for that particular map. You may make several changes to the map, but those changes will not be saved. There are four tabs within the Settings window. The first on the right (the one labeled Settings) should be the only one you need. It will allow you to change the color and size of any the cirlces and/or lines on the map, but most importantly you can use this window to highlight different elements on the map.

Under Showcase settings mid-way down the window there is a selector window that will allow you to choose different identifiers based on the specific map. Clicking on the rocket ship icon on the right of the text box allows you to build the elements you would like to see most through a Selector Builder window. To undo anything you've selected, click Revert at the bottom of the settings window.

Click on the following links to access the maps:

Organizations Map

Use this map to view information about the organizations included the survey - a description, website, the regions it does work in, and its experience in different areas addressed in the survey.

Partnerships Map

Use this map to view the connections between the surveyed organizations through past and current partnerships. 

Projects Map

Use this map to view the projects outlined in the survey by the different organizations - includes a description, start and end date for the projects, both past and current.

Active Projects Map

Use this map to view the projects outlined in the survey by the different organizations that are still active as of 2/1/2017 - includes a description, start and end date for the active projects.

Data Excel Sheet 

The information for the various maps came from the technical assistance survey. The data is reflected in this Excel sheet, provided here as an alternative way to view this information.