Q Corp and HealthInsight Agree to Merge

May 26, 2017

The governing boards of Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp) and HealthInsight Management Corporation have approved a merger of the organizations and their operations in Oregon. 

Portland, OR - - Last August, HealthInsight Management Corp., HealthInsight Oregon (formerly Acumentra Health) and Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp) announced a strategic partnership to leverage their business activities across Oregon, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico. We’re excited to announce that our governing bodies have approved a formal merger of Q Corp with HealthInsight Management Corp.

Over the next six months, our organizational leaders will work together to finalize a governance and leadership plan, realign corporate structure and staffing, and finalize integration. Mylia Christensen will continue to serve as executive director of both Q Corp and HealthInsight Oregon.

Our organizations have been partners in health care quality improvement initiatives nationally and in Oregon for a number of years. Individually, we have significant strengths and a long history of working with partners like you in our respective communities. We believe this merger represents the best model for advancing our common mission of transforming health care to achieve better health, higher-quality health care and greater affordability.

Please be assured that our existing community partnerships and contractual relationships with clients will remain in place and continue as before. We look forward to working with you in the future to achieve our mutual goals.

Marc Bennett, CEO, HealthInsight Management Corporation

Mylia Christensen, Executive Director, HealthInsight Oregon and Q Corp 

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