Portland State University Completes Evaluation of PCPCH Program

December 1, 2016

Portland State University Completes Evaluation of PCPCH Program

Ongoing evaluation of PCPCH Program looks at exemplary PCPCH practices and demonstrates transformation success.

Portland, Oregon -- Under contract with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), a research team at Portland State University (PSU) has completed an ongoing evaluation of the PCPCH program implementation. Outlined in the report, Implementation of Oregon's PCPCH Program: Exemplary Practice and Program Findings (Gelmon, Wallace, Sandberg, et al., 2016) the evaluation team determined the PCPCH program has supported progress towards the Triple Aim. Furthermore, for sustained improvements among PCPCHs the evaluation team recommends "expanded support for clinics" from the larger health systems environment (Gelmon, Wallace, Sandberg, et al., 2016, p.ii).

Through this research the PSU evaluation team also identified common elements of health system transformation among high performing, exemplary PCPCH clinics. These common elements are defined with practical examples from the field in several "PCPCH Tip Sheets" posted on the Institute website. 

The evaluation report is available on the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) website. 


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