NEW! Online Learning Modules for 2017 PCPCH Standards

February 21, 2017

NEW! Online Learning Modules for 2017 PCPCH Standards

The Institute has launched brand new, refreshed modules as an interactive, educational resource for the 2017 Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) Standards.

Portland, Oregon -- In 2014 the Patient Centered Primary Care Institute (Institute) launched the first set of Online Learning Modules for the PCPCH 2014 Standards for Recognition. Along with the Technical Specifications and Reporting Guide, these modules provide background, practical advice, explanations of the intent, and examples for each PCPCH standard. 

For the new 2017 standards, the Institute has completely redone the Online Learning Modules to incorporate not only updates to the standards but also additional interactive elements. These modules can be accessed at anytime and completed at your own pace. 

If you are preparing to submit your clinic's 2017 PCPCH application, a staff member at a PCPCH clinic, or someone who wants to know more about this model, check out the new interactive online modules and have fun testing your knowledge about each of the standards! 

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