Clinician Academy Featured in Oregon Medical Association Magazine

July 17, 2017

The Oregon Medical Association (OMA) shares information about the Clinician Academy in their most recent issue of Medicine in Oregon.

The article, "Uncovering the Spark: Oregon’s Clinician Academy Combats Provider Burnout," covers the Clinician Academy and its work to improve care and reduce provider burnout.

In January 2017, the Institute launched the Clinician Academy, a networking and training opportunity for primary care clinicians, to advance their roles as community advocates and leaders. Funded by an Oregon Health Authority grant, the Academy provided training and support to healthcare providers who were interested in participating in a community-based project. With seven faculty members including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, Academy projects ranged from nutrition and pain management to identifying community resources for patients with depression, and even included the integration of a children’s reading program. 

The article goes on to describe how the Academy participants struggled with fitting their project efforts into their already busy clinician schedules, but through support and teamwork the participants found a renewed interest in what brought them to this work to begin with - having a positive impact on the communities they serve!

Read the article here >>>

Find out more about the Clinician Academy here >>>

Find more resources on reducing burnout through the Institute's Clinician & Organizational Wellness resource library.

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