Patient-Centered Communication Skills

May 14, 2015   |  Tags: Blog   |  Tags: Health Literacy , Conference , FQHC , Communication , Training , Patient Engagement
Claire Tranchese, Oregon Primary Care Association

Earlier this year I had a great day of learning around patient centered office visits and Health Literacy (HL) with clinics in the Institute Patient-Centered Communication Learning Collaborative. We spent the afternoon learning from Cassie Burn of Community Health Partners (CHP) in Montana. CHP is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) started under the guidance of Laurie Francis, who now works in Oregon at the Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) and has been a HL advocate for many years. Cassie taught us the basics of HL; she shared with how to introduce and train all of clinic staff on the impacts of disregarding a patient's level of health literacy. We then learned about tips and tools for assessing a patient’s HL and ensuring good patient and provider communication through practices like using Teachback. Cassie’s organization in Montana has been working on HL for a long time. Not only do they focus on HL, they have also created an adult education and literacy program for patients connected to their clinic. It is the coolest program! Cassie provides training to CHP staff and patients. They have recently created a very helpful website on HL.


Shortly after this learning session I was able to attend the Health Literacy conference hosted by Legacy Health in Portland. I was blown away by the content and the enthusiasm at the event with 500 attendees (luckily you can access presentations and other content online). At the conference I learned a lot more about HL and Numeracy, which is the ability to understand and work with numbers.  Conference goers heard about effective ways to provide prescription instructions and how speaking different languages factors into miscommunication. I learned how Legacy clinics and programs have incorporated HL into their culture and practice - what a great group! I have had the opportunity to share some of what I learned at this conference with the members of our learning collaborative and I am excited to share more with anyone interested in attending the Health Literacy webinar on June 23rd (Read more and Register Now >>>)


Claire Tranchses has been working with primary care practices in Oregon for 15 years and has her Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on Health Administration from Portland State University. At the Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) she has been leading clinics in their outreach and enrollment efforts, as well as patient centered communications. While working at OPCA she has developed her knowledge of Health Literacy and many other patient-centered communications concepts and techniques. She has delivered many in person and online trainings to Community Health Centers around the state and loves working with clinic staff to increase their knowledge and effectiveness.