Know the Experts: Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA)

August 31, 2015   |  Tags: Blog   |  Tags: FQHC , OPCA , Institute Partner , QI , Equity , Social Determinants of Health , Health Literacy , Screening , Motivational Interviewing

The Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) is a nonprofit membership association for Oregon's community health centers, also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers, or FQHCs. OPCA shares the latest ideas, expert advice and proven techniques for keeping patients healthy, and educate policymakers about the need for accessible, high-quality primary care for low-income and other vulnerable Oregonians. OPCA also provides its members and partners with training and technical assistance; over the past year they worked with five primary care clinics to improve their patient-centered communication skills through an Institute Learning Collaborative. During the Collaborative practices had access to OPCA’s vast knowledge of how to meaningfully address a number of topics, including health literacy, self-management support skills, engaging patients in quality improvement and clinic governance, and how to provide staff with real skills for improving their ability to communicate with patients in meaningful ways. Learning Collaborative participants shared the following about their experience working with OPCA practice facilitators:

“We have had real, meaningful communication with OPCA facilitators while participating in the Learning Collaborative and beyond. Our clinic has gone through many changes and overcome numerous barriers thanks to our partnership with OPCA. We have been given and used the tools to improve the quality of care in our clinic.”

“All of the conversations around efficient clinic flow, care coordination, patient self-management, health literacy, effective clinic visits, etc. were helpful in strengthening participants’ understanding of PCPCH strategies and goals."

“This Learning Collaborative really helped to cement the relationship between patient self-management and the medical home. We were able to establish a Living Well program and hire and support a Care Coordinator to help accomplish our goals!”

The following are Institute webinars led by OPCA:

Health Literacy: A Key to Patient-Centered Communication

Collaborating for Health: Motivational Interviewing in Primary Care

SBIRT: Behavioral Health Screenings and Patient-Centered Care

Using Data in Quality Improvement

Approaches to Patient-Centered Interactions: Creating a Truly Patient-Centered Primary Care Home


Beyond webinars OPCA has contributed important information through blog posts and resources:

Patient-Centered Communication Skills

From “Diversity Training” to Cultural Agility

Assessment of Primary Care Resources and Supports for Chronic Disease Self-Management

Patient-Centered Office Visit Implementation Work Plan

Institute programs are rely on the content expertise of community organizations working to improve the quality of health care and the experience of caregivers.  Without the leadership of these organizations the Institute would not be possible.  Through a series of blog posts this month we are going to introduce these organizations and share more about their work through the Institute.  If you would like to be connected to one of these organizations please visit their websites, or email the Institute if we can help answer questions or make introductions.