Know the Experts: Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership

June 9, 2015   |  Tags: Blog   |  Tags: Adolescents , OPIP , Pediatrics
The Institute

Institute programs rely on the content expertise of community organizations working to improve the quality of health care and the experience of caregivers. Without the leadership of these organizations the Institute would not be possible. Through a series of blog posts this month we are going to introduce these organizations and share more about their work through the Institute. If you would like to be connected to one of these organizations please visit their websites, or email the Institute if we can help answer questions or make introductions.

The Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership is an organization dedicated to improving care for kids by taking a community and population based approach to engaging providers, parents and other stakeholders in practice level improvement, and informing system- and state-level policy. Given the focus on chronic conditions in many primary care transformation initiatives, OPIP has provided to the Institute and other forums a consistent reminder to keep a focus on kids, whose health care today may prevent chronic conditions of the future. OPIP also brings a strong focus on the systemic changes required for medical homes to flourish; guided by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee OPIP consistently contextualizes their work in the broader environment, and leverages their work with practices to inform policy. Over the last few years OPIP has provided technical assistance to 16 different practices through the Institute, in addition to numerous other projects focused on medical home, measurement and improving the health of children in Oregon. Through Institute Collaboratives OPIP helped practices not only become PCPCH recognized for the first time, or improve their PCPCH Tier, but also to develop a deep understanding of quality improvement and the ongoing journey of being a medical home. As a Portfolio Sponsor Organization for the American Board of Pediatrics, they have also been able to provide Part IV Maintenance of Certification credit for engaged providers participating in their projects.

Practices have a lot to say about how their work with OPIP has helped them:

Participation in the Learning Collaborative with OPIP greatly enhanced our ability to define the practice's objectives, set the targets, and monitor our progress on these objectives.

The Collaborative demonstrated methodology for change in small steps for us. This is important when so much change is at hand.

We learned so much from the in person learning sessions and would have loved more of them. Talking as a group was incredibly helpful and encouraging.

We always felt support from OPIP - certain months we needed a little more frequent communications and always felt they were there for us. Our OPIP Facilitator was awesome! Never pushy, but supportive. Appreciated Dave's nonthreatening way of keeping us "on task."

I believe all team members in our clinic came away with an enthusiasm and commitment for the Medical Home Model. Looking back on initial overwhelming feelings at our first learning session, OPIP gave us the confidence and understanding that this is a process and cannot be achieved in one nine month learning collaborative. This is ongoing work and a commitment at our clinic.

Our OPIP Facilitator gave us lots of ideas on how other practices had utilized their EMR to help with referral tracking, he pushed us to think outside of the box and encouraged us to make the changes small so that staff could adapt and make sustainable progress.

The following are webinars led by OPIP through the Institute:

Beyond webinars OPIP has contributed important information through blog posts and resources:

OPIP has also generously shared a variety of policy briefs, presentations and resources on their website.  They are also currently recruiting practices to participate in medical home projects.

OPIP has and will continue to serve as a key partner for the Institute.  For more information on our other partners you can visit our website.