Check Out the New Behavioral Health Integration Resource Library

September 20, 2016   |  Tags: Blog   |  Tags: Behavioral Health Integration , Care Coordination , Team Based Care
Natalya Seibel

In late September the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute, in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority’s Transformation Center, is officially launching a library of behavioral health integration resources - including virtual clinic visits, topical videos and webinars, toolkits, screeners, checklists, and more - to support integrated care implementation and quality improvement. The Behavioral Health Integration Resource Library is a comprehensive, one-stop place for information, tools and examples of integrated care solutions, and while it focuses on integration in the specific context of Oregon’s Coordinated Care Model, it also includes valuable national information.   

Resources in the library have been suggested from behavioral health experts around Oregon, and are organized under several topics:

  • Behavioral Health Homes, including standards and best practices for integrating primary care in community mental health settings
  • Clinical Practice, including screening, assessment & treatment and specific topics like substance use, suicide prevention and trauma-informed care
  • Integration/Implementation, including Coordinated Care Organization Transformation Plans, integrated models, telehealth
  • Policy & Regulation, including certification & standards, financing & sustainability, and information sharing guidance
  • Care for specific Populations, including children & adolescents, cultural competence, women’s health and older adults
  • Integrated care Roles, such as Behavioral Health Consultants, Psychiatry, Team Development and Traditional Health Workers

The library includes five Virtual Clinic Visits, which are short videos featuring interviews with clinic staff that describe their clinic’s unique behavioral health integration journey. In-person clinic visits are an effective way to learn about how others have organized and implemented integrated care, but can be costly and time consuming to arrange, which makes them prohibitive for most clinics. The Virtual Clinic Visit videos offer a glimpse into what clinics might learn from the experience of others working on integration. The library will also feature Behavioral Health Expert Interviews, a series of brief videos where experts discuss various topics pertinent to behavioral health integration, including behavioral health in women’s care settings, hosting student practicums to expand capacity, psychiatric consultation in primary care, telehealth services, and how traditional health workers can extend behavioral health services to especially vulnerable populations.

Please visit the library on September 27, 2016 when it is officially launched at If you need further information, want to make resource suggestions, or if you have questions on any of the content of the library, please email, or give us feedback in our Suggestion Box!

Natalya Seibel, MPA is a Program Coordinator for the Q Corp program team. She joined Q Corp in early 2015 as an Administrative Assistant and is proud to have grown in her role. Her work includes support on various projects, including Clinician Vitality, Total Cost of Care and the Behavioral Health Integration Resource Library. For the past ten years, Natalya has worked in different roles in health care, cultivating a passion and focus on quality improvement. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and a Masters’ in Health Administration from Portland State University.