Announcing Clinician and Organizational Vitality Resources

December 9, 2016   |  Tags: Blog   |  Tags: Clinician Vitality
Natalya Seibel, MPA HA

This month the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute, in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority’s Transformation Center, is launching a library of resources centering on clinician and organizational wellness and stress reduction. Early in 2016 the Foundation for Medical Excellence, with support from the Oregon Health Authority’s Transformation Center, initiated a study to identify:

  • Challenges to the well-being and work satisfaction of Oregon health care clinicians;
  • Programs developed by health care organizations to promote clinician well-being;
  • Gaps that remain to be filled to strengthen the vitality of all health care professionals in Oregon.

This focused on healthcare organizations and clinicians in Oregon with direct patient care responsibilities, including physicians (MD/DO), physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, and dentists.

The study found that Oregon clinicians are stressed by several factors:

  • The need to keep up with the clinical demands of increased enrollment of patients with more complex and chronic diseases;
  • Ancillary, non-clinical work demanded by documentation in the electronic health record;
  • Meeting the regulatory requirements of Medicare and Medicaid;
  • Increased complexity of coding diagnoses and procedures.

Health care organization leaders indicated they would benefit from a “toolkit” or roadmap of well-being promotion practices for their clinicians and professional workforce. The Institute has added over 40 resources to our current online library at for health care staff and clinicians to use to find evidence-based ways to effectively reduce stress and alleviate burnout.

View these resources on the Clinician and Organizational Vitality page.

If you need further information, want to make resource suggestions, or if you have questions on any of the content of the library, please email us, or give us feedback in our Suggestion Box!

Natalya Seibel, MPA is a Program Coordinator for the Q Corp program team and the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute. She joined Q Corp in early 2015 and is proud to have worked various Institute projects, including Clinician and Organizational Vitality and the Behavioral Health Integration Resource Library. For the past ten years, Natalya has worked in different roles in health care, cultivating a passion and focus on quality improvement. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and a Masters’ in Health Administration from Portland State University.