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Teen-Centered Coordinated Care in Yamhill County, Oregon

Blog - December 1, 2017
Katie Sours, MPH

The Western Oregon Center for Pediatric Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (WOC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Yamhill County with the mission to empower children and families by providing education and programs for healthy living. WOC provides services within three categories: family nutrition education, family fitness, and community wellness promotion.

Tobacco Cessation Counseling Resources for Clinics and Providers

Blog - December 22, 2016
Anona Gund, MPH

In 2017, Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CCOs) will be accountable for reducing cigarette smoking prevalence among their members. To support CCOs, clinics, and providers working on this incentive measure, the Oregon Health Authority Transformation Center recently released a list of the best evidence-based resources for tobacco cessation counseling.

Westside Pediatrics Seizes Opportunities for Adolescent Well Care

Blog - July 21, 2015
Westside Pediatrics

Adolescent Well Visit rates are traditionally low, particularly in Oregon where averages have been below the national benchmark for both Commercial and Medicaid populations. The Institute talked with Westside Pediatrics about what they have done to get adolescents in for these visits.