December 2015

The Eastern Oregon Care Coordination Project

Blog - December 9, 2015
Maggie McLain McDonnell

On October 9th clinicians, staff and patients from four primary care practices in Hermiston and Pendleton joined the Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN) for a day-long Eastern Oregon Care Coordination (EOCC) summit at the Pendleton Convention Center. Participants identified local care coordination needs and explored best practices for managing referrals, transitions of care and medications in their practices.

10 Tips for Getting Started with Payment Reform

Blog - December 23, 2015
Meredith Roberts Tomasi

Payment reform is a hot topic currently. Everyone is talking about how important altering payment mechanisms is, but progress in implementing payment changes has been slow. In recognition of the lessons we have learned, I’d like to offer 10 tips for getting started with payment reform.