Online Modules: 2017 PCPCH Standards

Notice: PCPCI is discontinuing the Online Learning Modules for the PCPCH 2017 Standards for Recognition at close of business on December 31, 2020. The modules will no longer be available after this - please plan accordingly.

These modules are an interactive educational resource for the 2017 Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) Standards.

Welcome to the Online Learning Modules for the PCPCH 2017 Standards for Recognition.

These modules are an essential educational resource for the Oregon Health Authority Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) model, Oregon’s version of the medical home for primary care home redesign.  These modules are an audio-visual companion to the PCPCH Technical Specifications and Reporting Guide; they describe the intent of the Standards, as well as practical implementation advice and examples.

Modules may be accessed by anyone at any time – all you need to do is answer a few registration questions and you’re ready to get started. Modules may be completed in any order and at your own pace, and each section includes links to additional information and resources. The first module is a brief introduction to the foundational concepts of the PCPCH model. Six additional modules review each of the PCPCH Core Attributes (pictured above), which together include the standards clinics can meet to earn points toward becoming recognized as a PCPCH. 




If you are reviewing the modules in preparation for submitting a PCPCH application, or in anticipation of a verification site visit from the Oregon Health Authority, you may want to have the following materials in front of you as you complete the modules:

  • Printed or electronic copy of the Technical Specifications and Reporting Guide, which contains essential detail about what clinics must do to meet each Standard
  • Self-Assessment, an Excel tool you can use to add up the points your clinic can attest to for each Standard
  • 2017 PCPCH Model Revisions, a document that reviews the changes made to the PCPCH Standards in the 2017 model (updated in September 2018)
  • Paper to take notes about considerations for your clinic or practice

Clinics preparing for a PCPCH Verification Site Visit from the Oregon Health Authority may also want to review PCPCH Site Visits: What to Expect, a recorded webinar about the site visit process.


Experiencing technical difficulties? Have additional questions about these modules? Please email for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get proof I completed these modules?

There are two ways to show proof of module completion: 

1. There is a quiz following each core attribute in the modules. Once you have passed each quiz, there is a button that will allow you to print your quiz results. It will be easiest to print your results from this screen. Input your name in the dialogue box that pops up and print that screen for each of the six quizzes.  


2. For an official certificate of completion from PCPCI, complete the modules, fill out the post-module survey, and we will send you a certificate of completion. A link to the post-module survey will pop up once all six quizzes have been completed. 


Do you offer continuing education credit for completing these modules?

As of 3/2/2020, continuing education credit is no longer being offered for these modules. The Patient Centered Primary Care Home Program will be releasing updated 2020 Standards in the coming months, and are exploring ways to continue to provide educational resources related to the program and model. Stay tuned! 


Who should use these modules?

We highly recommend the following individuals complete these modules:

  • Anyone managing a practice’s application to become a recognized PCPCH
  • Providers making clinical decisions and leading care teams that provide care in a PCPCH
  • Office administrators and managers responsible for managing systems related to care team staffing, patient appointments and overall practice function
  • Care coordinators, nursing staff and others responsible for coordinating patient care
  • Other members of practice care teams including medical assistants, social workers, behavioral health consultants and pharmacists
  • Quality improvement professions in medical groups, IPAs, health plans or other organizations, especially those supporting practices in their PCPCH development
  • Policymakers, students and others who want more information on Oregon’s PCPCH program
How long do they take to complete?

Each module contains an animated presentation accompanied by audio and interactive activities, followed by a brief knowledge check quiz. The following indicate the amount of time required to complete each module.


10 minutes

Core Attribute 1: Accessible

15 - 20 minutes

Core Attribute 2: Accountable

20 - 25 minutes

Core Attribute 3: Comprehensive

20 - 25 minutes

Core Attribute 4: Continuous

25 - 30 minutes

Core Attribute 5: Coordinated

25 - 30 minutes

Core Attribute 6: Patient- and Family-Centered

20 - 25 minutes

Total Time

 2.25 - 2.75 hours