PCPCH Program Tier 3 Star Recognition

September 9, 2014

As you may know, over 500 clinics in Oregon are recognized as Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes. A majority of these clinics are recognized at the highest level of the model, Tier 3. These figures represent significant achievement in primary care transformation work in our state over the past two years.

In an effort to recognize distinguished leaders in practice transformation and encourage continued transformation progress, the PCPCH program is developing a special designation for clinics who are trailblazers in practice transformation – Tier 3 Star. 

This new designation will:

  • Recognize primary care clinics that have implemented multiple advanced PCPCH standards into their workflow using recommended best practices
  • Be grounded on the 2014 PCPCH standards

This new designation will NOT:

  • Cause any clinics to lose or lower current PCPCH status
  • Require clinics to do anything new or different to maintain their current PCPCH status

The PCPCH Program has received input from several key stakeholders on considerations for the 3 Star designation. Staff will be working with stakeholders to review draft proposals and obtain additional feedback about the criteria through September 2014.

The new designation will be implemented by amending current PCPCH Program Oregon Administrative Rules with an expected effective date of November 1, 2014.



PCPCH@state.or.us or visit www.PrimaryCareHome.oregon.gov.