Top 5 Insights from HealthInsight Oregon's Annual Quality Conference

December 6, 2016   |  Tags: Blog   |  Tags: Patient Experience , Clinician Vitality , Conference
Susan Yates Miller, MPA

HealthInsight Oregon held its Annual Quality Conference, "Be the Change: Strategies for Health Care Transformation", on November 15, 2016 in Keizer, Oregon. This one-day community event brought together health care providers from all settings of care to learn strategies for improving care from patient and family engagement experts, peers and local leaders. Here are a few insights from the conference:

  1. Keynote speaker Tiffany Christensen: Tiffany Christensen, patient advocate, national patient and family engagement expert and author, captivated the audience with her own personal health care journey. As a two-time double lung transplant patient, Tiffany learned the importance of playing an active role in her own care. She shared strategies for engaging and activating patients, using a shared language and avoiding burnout as a provider of care. Her powerful and humorous presentation demonstrated the critical need to help patients and families participate in their own care.
  2. The secret to a happy work place: Burnout is a serious issue in health care, characterized by emotional exhaustion that results in depersonalization and decreased sense of personal accomplishment at work. Should we accept burnout as an inevitable feature of work in health care? Staff from HealthInsight presented a theory of Positive Psychology based on evidence that our inner state is influenced not just by the work environment but by our perceptions and mindset—things we often have more control over. The session described and tried out the use of research-based exercises such as a gratitude journal or thank-you letter to evoke a more resilient and responsive view of our circumstances.
  3. Thriving in the new health care environment: Marc Bennett, CEO of HealthInsight, and Mylia Christensen, executive director of HealthInsight Oregon and Q Corp, spoke about Oregon’s unique health care environment, as well as the current and near-term transformative change initiatives that affect health care providers and patients in our state. Focusing on new payment approaches, the power of data and the key role of patient engagement, they provided strategies for succeeding in these areas.
  4. Shared experiences and best practices: Throughout the day, the speakers directed participants to discuss the presentation topics and share what is working for them as well as barriers they are experiencing. These table discussions brought out innovative tactics applicable to all settings of care.
  5. Becoming a change agent: At the conclusion of the event, audience members were challenged to identify a small test of change to implement by the following Tuesday. Action changes things, and without it, we stay in the same place and accept things as they are. Audience members left with strategies for better care and plan for improvement.

To get more information and download presentation slides, visit and select the Keizer, Oregon, event. Please plan to join us for the 2017 HealthInsight Annual Quality Conference (dates will be announced in the spring).  

Susan Yates Miller, MPA is the program director for HealthInsight’s Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) in Oregon. She oversees the Medicare quality improvement work and its associated patient safety and quality improvement tasks. Susan has experience in health care coordination, program development, performance measurement, project management and quality improvement curriculum design and education. Susan has a strong background in managed care and has led several clinical quality improvement projects in Oregon and Washington. She earned her master’s degree in public health administration from Portland State University.