Know the Experts: CareOregon

July 22, 2015   |  Tags: Blog   |  Tags: CareOregon , Institute Partner , Empanelment , Care Teams , QI , Portland , Southern Oregon , Coast

CareOregon is a nonprofit organization that serves Medicaid and Medicare members, including through four Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) in Portland, southern Oregon and the Oregon Coast.  For almost a decade CareOregon has convened medical home collaboratives for clinics interested in developing a medical home model of care in their practice. Combining experience and tools from their Primary Care Renewal collaborative with Lean Process Improvement tools and techniques, Primary Care Innovation specialists work with practices to implement key aspects of the medical home.  CareOregon works with practices through the CCOs with which they are affiliated, but also with practices through the Institute; they have led Learning Collaboratives to help 13 practices attain PCPCH recognition and improve access to care.

Through these Learning Collaboratives CareOregon Innovation Specialists have provided exceptional practice coaching and expertise related to empanelment, forming teams, quality improvement strategy and making care more systematic and organized in a way that reflects a turn toward population health.  Practices who participated in Learning Collaboratives shared that CareOregon staff helped then to achieve important goals related to better understanding of the medical home model and improved commitment and skill related to quality improvement.

“This collaborative learning process was absolutely essential to get us on track towards attestation as a PCPCH. Could not imagine trying to accomplish this goal without the help we received by participating in this process.”

“Help to better identify opportunities for improvement as well as better understand how all the silos in our clinics need to come together in order to continue to improve our medical home.”

“Since the Collaborative, QI activities have become part of our daily thought process.  Seeing Advanced Access become so successful, and having our goals met also gave us the sense that we can do this.  This work has helped us realize to start small, socialize, and continue with momentum on other QI activities.”

“Our clinic has become far less top-down, and are working to spread engagement/QI skills clinic wide so that all feel they are a part of change and have the influence, skills and time to make changes.”

The following are Institute webinars featuring CareOregon transformation experts:

Beyond webinars CareOregon has contributed important information through blog posts and resources:

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